What you won’t see here: everything that goes along with the learning process, including our game of “meowing” tunes to get them in our heads and hearts. (Well, actually, you might hear a few meows in here…)

IMG_9291But even as much as I love being process-oriented, sometimes a little bit of celebration of product can be a nice thing too.

So here’s a roundup of our videos from the 2015 Kids Trad Camp at the Community Music School of Santa Cruz!

Music Videos

Concert – Full Orchestra

Concert – Instrumental Class Features

I’m so impressed with these kids – they had just two weeks to learn new tunes they’d never heard before.  Plus, while some teachers wrote out their arrangements, others modeled the process of trying out ideas in front of the group, and the kids had to remember those parts off the top of their heads. Some students had only been playing their instruments for a few months (or, in one case, only a few weeks).  Most of them come from schools that have cut their arts programs, so playing in a large ensemble was a special treat.  They went after their goals with a sense of excitement and joy, and it was beautiful to watch and be a part of.

A tip of the hat to guitar teacher Christopher Youmans for capturing and organizing so many videos of the concert!

More blog entries about Kid Camp to come…